Biomass Fuel Preparation and Supply

Post-harvest wastes/residues, pruning wastes/residues, resources obtained from forest products and by-products resulting from the processing of these products are defined as biomass wastes. Biomass energy is an important and sustainable type of energy for today and the future because it is produced from renewable sources and is environmentally friendly compared to fossil-based energy. Biomass fuel obtained from agricultural and forest wastes and forest products is burned as fuel or co-fuel in cogeneration plants and boilers to generate steam and electricity in industry, and is also used for residential and commercial building heating.

Ersis Enerji enables the transformation of natural gas or coal consuming industrial facilities into economical biomass fueled facilities that reduce their carbon footprint, and the creation of a fuel supply and chain.

At our facility in Ahmetli-Manisa, these wastes are turned into fuel and sent to the requesting facilities.