Our goal is to create efficient innovations by offering economical and high quality solutions that reduce the carbon footprint


Since the start of 2014, Ersis Enerji has been actively engaged in consultancy, engineering, project development, project management, and inspection services for power plant projects.

Our company stands out for its blend of young and experienced professionals, alongside internationally seasoned founders, managers, and coworkers who prioritize quality and possess extensive technical expertise.

We bolster our nation's and world’s energy resources by utilizing our expertise to construct fully integrated Solar Power Plants. This includes regulatory expertise, engineering design, obtaining all necessary permits from public institutions, as well as providing operation, maintenance, and reporting services within the scope of turnkey Solar Power Plant construction.

Additionally, we facilitate the transition from natural gas or coal to biomass for facilities, also we supply their biomass fuel from our facility in Manisa province.

Today, we are accelerating our efforts to offer these services abroad in these three areas.

Throughout these endeavors, I extend my thanks to all our stakeholders in our surroundings.

Yours sincerely,