Power Plants Consultancy Services

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Project Development

Projects are being developed for licensed and unlicensed renewable energy power plants (solar, wind and biomass/biogas).

Project Management

From the beginning of the investment to the commissioning of the project, the project is managed in all processes, including the management of tender and contract processes.


Within the scope of basic and detailed engineering services:

  • Selection and evaluation of plant location and technology,
  • Mine survey, reserve determination for coal-based power plant projects,
  • Making power plant feasibility analyzes,
  • Project design is made on the basis of system or component of the facility.


Inspection of the conformity of the power plants to the project is carried out in all processes during the construction phase and operation period. At the same time, we provide services for making and reporting the necessary determinations and controls for the improvement of power plants.


Consultancy services for Investors, Financiers and Contractors (Owner’s/Lender’s/Bidding Engineering), all kinds of consultancy services required for design, construction, assembly, commissioning and testing of the facility, and maintenance and repair during operation phase are provided.